We would love to coordinate an event with DJ EM-D as your guest performer! We base the booking requirements off of the details and budget for your event. Please fill out this form as fully as possible, and his booking management will respond shortly. 


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Contact Name
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Please answer thoroughly. What will be DJ em-D's role for the event including amount of presentations/performances and the length of time for each segment. Please give us a view into the event. What's the vision? Who is the audience?
This is the amount you are offering to compensate the artist apart from travel costs.
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The organization requesting the booking is required to cover round trip travel costs for two(2) from Seattle–Tacoma International Airport + Lodging + Meals + transportation to and from the venue. For local venues that are beyond 50 miles from University Place, WA (approximate 1 hour of driving), we require that lodging + meals for the DJ is provided by the organization. We request to be booked in a National Brand Hotel within 10 minutes drive to the venue.